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Volunteering plays a major role in setting the moral strength of society and community and a central role in promoting the quality of life of every member of it. We at Amichai believe that everyone has the capacity to share his strength and talents and thus, contribute to his community and society.

 The volunteers at Amichai are an integral part of our team who provide our high quality services. Because of them we are able to enrich and expand the diversify of activities for children, youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Diverse volunteering options makes it possible for each volunteer to open in his heart a window to the world and hearts of people with disabilities.

  Volunteers at Amichai come from all segments of the society, of different ages and from different regions in the country. Some volunteers arrive regularly for years and become an integral part of the program in which they volunteer, while other arrive to perform specific tasks or projects. Some arrive privately while others arrive as part of a larger group from a local industry or organization. Some are providing professional support and others arriving without any background and escort the current activity of a specific program.

Amichai welcomes all and invites everyone who would like to volunteer with us, from Israel and abroad, including members from the Birthright project of the Jewish Agency.


We recognize the importance of training and encourage volunteers to broaden their knowledge and experience related to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Amichai has created a structured training and support program in order to allow our volunteers a better understanding and suitable tools to cope with their volunteering tasks. During the volunteering period we conduct professional seminars, designed to extend and enrich existing volunteers' knowledge.  

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