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The Story Behind The Products

Have you ever asked yourself what is really self-realization and fulfilment?                            Some say it is all about selecting an appropriate profession and would say that it is a job with options for promotion. Others talk about their aspirations from life…

But how many of us really leave home every morning with a smile, facing a full day of work and returning back with a sense of satisfaction? Maya (right) and Judith (left), both young adults with intellectual- developmental disability, arrive each morning to Amichai's day center. Due to Maya's and Judith's disabilities they cannot integrate into any job offered in labor market, but at Amichai, they manage to use their capabilities, find an appropriate occupation and become productive.

One of the main tasks at the Center is producing kitchenware and decorative ceramic and wooden products, offered for sale to the general public. This customized and suitable work gives Maya and Judith, as well as all their mates at Amichai, much satisfaction, sense of meaningful life and fulfillment of their talent and capabilities. Maya & Judith manifest daily their right to live equally within the community. We at Amichai   believe that each and every one of us have the duty to assist Maya, Judith and other people with special needs, in their struggle for full inclusion.

The handmade charming products of our center members, specially crafted with love, patience and attention, are being offered for purchase. By doing so you will support their true sense of self-realization and satisfaction. 

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