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Community Inclusive Housing

As of 2001, Amichai has launched its inclusive housing program which provides a home setting for adults with severe mental disabilities, coupled with physical limitations. Currently (2016), 24 adults live in 4 homes, located in residential neighborhoods of the city of Hod Ha'Sharon.

The guiding principle is the right of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to be fully integrated within the community life.

Amichai's program provides an envelope of services, catering for all aspects of adult life of the occupant; housing, employment and leisure, with concern for basic and social needs such as nutrition, health, clothing, hobbies and rehabilitative activity.  

The tenants conduct an independent lifestyle (within their limitations) and with the help of live-in trained professionals, they are responsible for their basic daily activities, including cooking, cleaning and personal hygiene. During the day, the adults are involved in employment opportunities befitting their skill levels.  In the evening they return to their home where they engage in various activities, similar to regular members of the community, including shopping, health and wellness, entertainment and social participation. Individual members enjoy weekly outing to movies, local pub or visit relatives.

The well trained and skilled support team promotes and conducts these inclusion activities in a "transparent" manner where the tenants are the "real owners".

It is worth noting that the people who live in Amichai homes are categorized by the Ministry of Welfare & Social Services as having medium to low functioning levels (low and medium mental retardation, coupled with physical disabilities). These tenants need 24/7 supervision. However, over almost two decade, this housing project has demonstrated each and every day that "anyone and everyone is able" and its success is a reflection and a realization of our overriding and guiding principle of   "Living Equally With The Difference". 

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